Managing Risk Of Delay (Part 1)

This post addresses the general topic of time management and the relationship to managing the risk of delay.

Keith Pickavance is a prominent leader, speaker, expert and author in the construction industry.  His authoritative reference book, Delay and Disruption in Construction Contracts, is noted in our Reference Center.

Mr. Pickavance is President of CIOB.  Speaking in this capacity, he delivered an excellent talk entitled: Managing the risk of delayed completion in the 21st Century.

The link to this streaming video is here and is excellent.

The outline of this presentation is as follows:

  • The historical perspective
  • Is time money?
  • The time management problem industry faces
  • Managing the process
  • Coping with delay
  • Has the industry changed with technology?
  • CIOB research: the way industry manages time
  • The path forward

I strongly recommend viewing this presentation.

Good luck and let us all attempt to manage the risk of delay in large and complex projects.

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