This post is a progress or status report as McLaughlin and McLaughlin (M&M) assesses the status and progress of this Project Professionals blog.

Project Professionals commenced operations in late January 2011.  The initial posts were on January 24, 2011.  The blog and blogging were new to M&M and there was an expected learning curve.  The rate of learning was substantially improved by advice and assistance from several key advisors.  We wish to express our sincere thanks to all for the help.

The first full month of blogging was February 2011.  As April comes to a close, we find the visitor rate (sometimes referred to as the analytics) to be very encouraging.  The analytics for April reveal that visitors and page views have more than doubled since February.  Visits have come from over 40 countries.  As April draws to a close, we see the visitor activity continuing to increase.


For context and perspective, we would like to remind all of the blog objectives.  These objectives are :

  • Promote practioner perspective treatment of key aspects of the general topics:
    • Highlight Program/Project Development, Planning and Management
    • Emphasize Construction Claims and Disputes Resolution.
    • Provide clarity to the blend, convergence and/or interface between the general topics (discussed herein)
    • Continue or extend (not to duplicate) the discussion from point of departure of industry authorities and/or professional organizations.

In order to be precise, the general topic is the interconnection or linkage between:

  • Program/Project Development, Planning and Management and,
  • Construction Claims and Disputes Resolution.

M&M has addressed several key topics through Subject Series on productivity, managing the risk of delay, project communications, contract notice and several others.

M&M has implemented the Resource Center.  The purpose of this Resource Center is to inform others regarding key quality sources of information on subjects that are consistent with Project Professionals objectives.  M&M has no commercial interest and no conflict with any of these books and documents.  We hope others will recommend additional quality inclusions.

The M&M-authored posts have been augmented by the contributions of Dick Troell .  Other contributors are being considered and we hope to add several in the near future.  Since we seek an open and balanced discussion, all serious and professional contributors should (please) contact M&M.

We greatly appreciate all visitors, comments and contributors.