This post is the first in a series of discussions regarding challenges being encountered in current project management.  More specifically, we have titled the series PROJECT MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES, since we intend to focus heavily on the managerial aspects of program / project management.  This post introduces the topic and sets the framework for ongoing posts on individual challenges.  This series is intended to draw upon many sources within the project management discipline or profession.

Authoritative information and guidance regarding project management comes from many sources.  A few that may be obvious include:

In order to frame and organize this topic, we will use the PMI Project Management Processes for a Project as presented in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).

Many discussion groups and forums can be helpful.  These include AACE, PMI, LinkedIn and others.

Some blogs (other than this one) provide useful information.  Consider:

PMBOK® Guide defines five process groups:

  1. Initiating Process Group
  2. Planning Process Group
  3. Executing Process Group
  4. Monitoring and Controlling Process Group
  5. Closing Process Group.

Our discussion will be organized along the structure of these process groups.  Hence, the first discussion will focus on the Initiating Process Group.

One source of identification of challenges is industry discussions.  LinkedIn  hosts Groups with widespread and diverse interests.  One such Group is Project Management Link – .  Within this Group, there has been a very active discussion regarding this topic.  The discussion was initiated by Trevor K. Nelson, PMP, IPMA-C on January 15, 2010, and has 1,700+ comments.  Here is the discussion question [linked]

“What is the Single Biggest Problem Facing Project Management?

Forgetting the methodology/credential/association wars for a while, what do you see as the single biggest issue, hurdle, problem or challenge that Project Management as a discipline must overcome or answer before in order for it to move forward?

I’d like to keep this on-topic and limited to those things that the PM community can influence or take action on (ie: no “improve management buy-in.”)

Is it better training? Required training? Consolidation of techniques? Redefining ‘success’, clear separation between types of PM’s (industry) ….”


We will attempt to use some of the 1,700+ comments as points of departure for comments and discussion in this series.

Good luck and let us all attempt to approach the practice or managerial challenge of project management with all knowledge, tools and lessons learned that are available.  Setting a solid foundation in the issues as well as the process is essential and has long term (project duration) benefits.  Happy reading and good luck in your project management challenges and endeavors…


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