The purpose of this post is to advise readers that the Project Professionals Resource Center feature or page has been upgraded.  Please visit this useful page and familiarize yourself with the content.  Please visit the Resource Links page which provides links to useful industry tools and resources.  The pages were derived from years of frustration searching for reliable, substantiated references.  So, the desires to share our choices are listed on the noted pages.

The Resource Center feature of this McLaughlin and McLaughlin [M&M] blog provides blog visitors with information and links to important and useful publications that relate to project management and dispute resolution in project work.

Recently, the Resource Center was upgraded to include several new publications, cite a new version of Mr. Pickavance’s book on delay and add some useful Resource Link updates.

Recommended additions to the Resource Center – There are many quality books, publications, papers and other materials that may be very useful to project professionals.  Please suggest (leave a comment) other materials for inclusion in this Resource Center. We welcome your suggestions for good quality references to share with our readers.

Searching for a subject-specific reference – If you are searching for a suitable reference on a project-related subject, please leave a comment and M&M or a reader may be able to provide you with suggestions.

M&M offers the links to reference materials at no cost.  M&M does not receive any form of compensation from the sale or distribution of this material.  The policy is similar to the blog site as a whole.  There is no advertising or revenue related commercialism in this site.  This practice is consistent with the blog objectives.

Good luck in locating and acquiring the quality reference material that meets your needs and professional upgrade objectives.  Let us all attempt to approach the practice or managerial challenge of project management with all knowledge, tools and lessons learned that are available.  Use of the many professional resources that are in the marketplace can assist in developing and implementing best practices.  Happy reading and good luck in your project management challenges and endeavors…


It is important to note that McLaughlin and McLaughlin [M&M] is not a law firm and is not intending to provide legal advice.  M&M is a consulting firm providing (among other services) non-legal expertise in dispute resolution and litigation support.  The Resource Center is for the convenience of blog visitors and M&M does not offer this for commercial purposes.  For further information on M&M services, please see