Turnkey Contract Scope of Work

This McLaughlin and McLaughlin (M&M) post is another in a Subject Series  Construction Claims and Disputes.  This is the first of several Case Studies that will be posted.  Case Studies are examples of real life situations and draw upon actual events, adjusted and modified to focus on one or more points.

This Case Study was developed for the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE) International annual meeting that recently occurred (June 15th) in New Orleans.  The specific presentation was Claims Avoidance through Effective Cost Engineering.  This panel discussion was part of the Energy Industry Track.

This particular Case Study in Construction Claims and Disputes focuses on claims in (lump sum) Turnkey contracts.  Further, it focuses on Scope of Work.  The vast majority of construction claims and disputes have their origins in Scope of Work.  Hence, this is a logical starting point and has the widest application.

The Case Study 01 is presented in a video using PowerPoint with animation and voice over.  This format is used for ease of review and presentation.

We wish you good luck in your construction claims and disputes regarding scope of work.


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