MANAGING RISK OF DELAY – Subject Series Summary Update

This summary update provides readers with an overview of prior posts and provides a baseline for future posts that will follow on a timely basis.  The last summary was posted on June 12, 2011.

This summary is very brief and simply serves as an index for readers to follow.  More robust summaries are provided in the June summary.  Of course, detailed descriptions are contained in the individual posts.

Ideally this summary provides a starting point to investigate best practice on many delay-related features of project management.

The Context and Challenge (Part 1) – Talk/Speech by Mr. Keith Pickavance

Time-Management Strategy (Part 2) – Strategy according to CIOB Guide

As-Planned Schedule / Accepted Programme (Part 3) – Establishing the Time Management Baseline

Schedule Preparation and Maintenance (Part 4) – Managing the Time Baseline

Earned Value Management (Part 5) – Importance and Management of the Time Baseline Tool

Critical Path and Earned Value Management (Part 6) – Managing with Critical Path, Earned Value Management and Productivity Tools

Earned Value and Schedule Performance Indicators (Part 7) – Time Management Tools

Schedule Specification Sources and Implementation (Part 8) – Managerial Tools with sources

Recognition and Notice (Part 9) – Managerial Alerting and Action Tools


Going forward, we will post other features of MANAGING THE RISK OF DELAY.

My we wish you the best of luck and let us all attempt to approach the issue of managing the Risk of Delay with all the factors in an integrated manner (critical path progress, bulk progress or EVM, and productivity) relative to other related aspects of program and project execution planning.  It is crucial that recognition and anticipation of these issues occur during planning.

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