McLaughlin and McLaughlin [M&M] is pleased to announce that they will resume postings at their blog, Project Professionals.  Since March 2012, M&M has been heavily involved with several large assignments [Canadian Oilsands program management support and construction claim regarding an international power plant project].  Now that workload permits, new blog postings will be offered.

M&M wishes to remind followers (new and ongoing) that there are many offerings at the Project Professional site.  They are organized by what we call Subject Series.

These Subject Series are:

  • Managing Risk of Delay [15 posts]
  • Contract Notice and Recognition [4 posts]
  • Productivity [18 posts]
  • Schedule Validation and Audits [3 posts]
  • Staffing Your Project Management Team [8 posts]
  • Project Management Challenges [11 posts]
  • Time Management – Schedule Specification Implementation [6 posts]
  • Ways of Working [1 post]

M&M will resume new posts with a Subject Series titled Success through Project Planning.  This Subject Series will focus on methodologies, process, sequencing, synchronization and other managerial considerations.

We hope that you will find these existing and new posts informative and relevant.

May we wish you the best of luck and let us all attempt to confront and deal with Project Management Challenges.  It is crucial that recognition and anticipation of these issues occur during initiation and planning.  However, the recognition and management should continue through execution, controlling and closeout.

Please note that McLaughlin and McLaughlin [M&M] is not a law firm and is not intending to provide legal advice.  M&M is a consulting firm providing (among other services) non-legal expertise in dispute resolution and litigation support.  The Resource Center is for the convenience of blog visitors and M&M does not offer this for commercial purposes.  For further information on M&M services, please see