Capital project construction forecasts (US Gulf Coast) concur regarding robust project activity and growth for calendar years 2017 and 2018.  These glowing forecasts are tempered with forecasts of craft labor, field supervision and project/construction management shortages.  Demand for experienced project resources is expected to exceed supply.  This is similar to Venezuela (post-nationalization), Canada (oil sands expansion) and other marketplace imperfections.  M&M has evaluated these forecasts and rationalized the supply and demand implications as well as professional managerial options and paths forward.  This is an emerging and dynamic managerial, consulting and legal business opportunity.  M&M’s recent and extensive work in the field at active job sites of large and complex projects confirms the emerging situation.  Here are a few topics, questions and/or observations:

  • Skilled, experienced and dynamic management will be required.
  • Cost and/or Schedule Certainty is clearly at risk regardless of the development and delivery system (PMI, CMAA, CII, AACE, IPA, proprietary or other systems).
  • Construction schedules will be driven or constrained by human resource shortages (field labor, engineering, project management).
  • Managerial planning and management must focus on:
    • Acquisition of adequate supervision and field labor force
    • Optimization of your field labor (and engineering labor).


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