As the increase of projected Major Capital Projects for 2017-18 emerge with all its implications troubled projects are a likely result.  LABOR OVERRUNS are a typical component in troubled projects.

LABOR OVERRUNS – impact several project baselines. Cost, Schedule and Progress are at risk.

LABOR OVERRUNS – Labor Overruns are a major risk in any project with a significant labor component.

LABOR OVERRUNS – Early detection, correction and management require use of proper KPI’s.

LABOR OVERRUNS – Use of thoughtful KPI’s facilitate early/proactive corrective action.

LABOR OVERRUNS – Labor Shortages in 2017 and beyond will lead to upward pressure in labor rates.

LABOR OVERRUNS – Labor shortages in 2017 and beyond will lead a man-hour overruns (poor productivity).

McLaughlin & McLaughlin has assisted numerous troubled Major Capital Projects successfully over the years by providing cost effective business solutions and recovery plans.


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