Blog Objectives and Goals

Welcome to Project Professionals, a blog offered by McLaughlin & McLaughlin for project professionals and those that intend to achieve project professional status.  A project professional must always mindful of Objectives and Goals.  Thus, we regard this as a starting point for planning, development and ultimately execution.  It is essential and appropriate to start with an articulation of these focus point.

Let us formulate the blog objectives as follows:

  • Promote practioner perspective treatment of key aspects of the general topics:
    • Highlight Program/Project Development, Planning and Management
    • Emphasize Construction Claims and Disputes Resolution.
    • Provide clarity to the blend, convergence and/or interface between the general topics (discussed herein)
    • Continue or extend (not to duplicate) the discussion from point of departure of industry authorities and/or professional organizations.

    In order to be precise, the general topic is the interconnection or linkage between:

    • Program/Project Development, Planning and Management and,
    • Construction Claims and Disputes Resolution.

    With the innumerable number of blogs available in the cyber world, Project Professionals’ meaningful contribution will be providing a blend or mix of interrelated discussions.  We intend to achieve a blend of pragmatic, practical and authoritative ideas and perspectives.  Our focus is implementation of best practices to achieve desired business management objectives.

    The overall theme is pragmatism with an emphasis on the business of professional project management of engineering and construction projects.  While theory, academic views, studies, case law and other information should be considered; business managerial focus is the driving force.

    We intend to cite industry references and then apply a pragmatic, managerial extension.  References and sources include (but not limited to): Schwartzkopf, Pickavance, AACE International (AACEI), Wickwire, Bramble, Callahan, Project Management Institute (PMI), Construction Industry Institute (CII), Ibbs, Society of Construction Law, US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and others.

    The Project Management Institute (PMI) provides a good example.  We have been members of PMI, including College of Scheduling and College of Earned Value Management, for many years.  We use PMI publications in providing training sessions and cite their positions when applicable.  Our blog is intended as an extrapolation of PMI contributions and resources.  This extrapolation is intended to have a business management (including profit) flavor or context.

    Comments are desired.  We view civil dialog and debate as a positive activity.  Professionals enrolled in the “school of hard knocks” are encouraged to provide commentary – thus practical perspectives.