Deborah May McLaughlin

Deborah May McLaughlin

Deborah May McLaughlin is the other principal of McLaughlin & McLaughlinMcLaughlin & McLaughlin, a boutique consulting firm provides high quality services in project development, planning and management as well as dispute resolution and litigation support.  These high quality services are provided on a worldwide basis to national and international clients.  Large and complex projects are the typical focus of these services.

McLaughlin and McLaughlin Consulting Services are used by many types of organizations.  These organizations include worldwide / international owners, contractors, governments and law firms.  Often, services are rendered on location (project or client) throughout the world.  Services on location continue for as long as the need requires work at this location or presence.

McLaughlin and McLaughlin Consulting Services follow best practices and standards.  Our ways of working are at the leading edge / state-of-the-art in this service area.

Ms. McLaughlin specialized as one of the project leaders managing the virtual project teams and conducting forensic efforts through extensive research analysis.  Deborah has prepared interactive chronologies that supported schedule analysis and disruptions assessments.  She identified and compiled source documents to support development of quantum assessments for changed work and other damages (delay and disruption). Deborah developed a central web-based information management tool for all team documentation organizing and implementing its features.

Deborah’s background is research, marketing and management and holds a BS degree from SUNY.

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