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McLaughlin & McLaughlins Project Professionals post is the third in a Subject Series.  Construction Claims and Disputes which are (will be) discussions regarding managerial challenges in potential and actual construction claims situations.  In this series, we focus on the managerial aspects of construction claims and disputes management.  This summary discussion addresses the many posts that have been presented in the past and are at the Subject Series tab of Project Professionals.

In the engineering and construction industry, claims and disputes take many forms and focus on many topics.  For simplicity of discussion, we will use the follow the following categories:

  • Scope of Work, Changed Work or Variations
  • Delay and Acceleration, Time-Related
  • Disruption / Productivity (usually labor/labour)
  • Terms and Conditions (and other subjects).

McLaughlin & McLaughlins Project Professionals has posted (or published) greater than 60 posts regarding one or more aspects of Construction Claims and Disputes.

The balance of this post identifies the Subject Series and posts that are at Project Professionals and are relevant to construction claims and disputes. [Read more…]