PROJECT PLANNING – Managerial Challenges (Part 2)

Project Initiation

This post is the second in a series of discussions regarding managerial challenges in current project management situations.  In this series, we focus heavily on the managerial aspects of program / project management.  This post addresses the starting point or initiation of the project.  This is a crucial challenge.

In a recent consulting assignment, M&M encountered a highly respected client using a phrase that is something like “Building the right project in the right manner.”  While this is paraphrased, the notion is clear.  But, what could they mean “Building the right project…?”  Why would an organization devote time and investment money to building the wrong project?  The answer typically resides in the Project Initiation process.  Inadequate attention and alignment regarding such items as the project objectives and scope of work [also known as the Project Scope Statement] can lead to a misguided start (and sadly sometimes, finish) of the wrong project.  Project Initiation is the essential foundation.

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