PROJECT PLANNING – Managerial Considerations (Part 1)


After a long period [since March 2012] of inactivity, McLaughlin and McLaughlin is pleased to resume posting activity in this blog.  Project Professionals is intended to offer advice and tips regarding various aspects of Program and Project Management.  For a statement of blog Objectives and Goals, please follow this link.

During this inactive period, M&M has been performing two time-consuming assignments.  One is program management support work on large Canadian oil sands investment/expansion program.  The second is a construction claim on an international power plant project.

In considering the general topic of project planning, consider the following question.  Why do so many projects experience serious negative issues, if not failure, when project planning has been pursued?  Often the answer is that the plans are defective or ignored.  Alignment, implementation and updating are essential features.  Good quality plans must be developed and implemented.  Often, this is not the case.

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