PROJECT MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES – Project Planning Lessons Learned (Part 9)


Project success and failure outcomes…  Planning the project properly, documenting the plan professionally and then implementing the plan successfully are likely the sources of most project success and failure outcomes.  Using best practices and learning from the experiences of others are effective methods for skill set development.  Many organizations that use project management on an ongoing basis close out projects with a compilation of “lessons learned.”  These firms have found value in studying the specific issues that have emerged in the past.

As part of the planning process, a review of relevant lessons learned can be instructive as well as a “sanity check” or completeness evaluation regarding the adequacy and comprehensive nature of your Project Management Plan.

This post continues the focus on issues in planning and problems that have their source or root cause in planning.  The subject is Resource Requirements.  In this regard, the post will focus on human resources or staffing.  This discussion is not focused on direct labor (e.g. construction craft labor, software engineering man-hours). [Read more…]