WAYS OF WORKING – Subject Series Summary

This is McLaughlin and McLaughlins Project Professional’s first Subject Series Summary regarding Ways of WorkingWays of Working aggregates a collection of topics that may be helpful to program and project managers.  This summary update provides an overview of prior posts and provides a baseline for future posts that will follow on a timely basis.

The topics include:

This summary is very brief and simply serves as an index for readers to follow.  Of course, detailed descriptions are contained in the individual posts.  The Subject Series page may also be helpful.  It contains links to several popular series that consist of multiple posts that build upon earlier discussions.

Ideally this Subject Series provides a starting point to investigate best practice on many topics of interest or features of project management.  If you have a suggested topic, please feel free to contact us and let us know. [Read more…]

Project Documentation – Visual including Webcams

LinkedIn Group: Contract Risk Management — Construction Industry

Discussion: Webcams on Projects

Embracing the dynamics of todays technology, McLaughlin and McLaughlin (M&M) actively participates in select LinkedIn Groups.  When one of these groups discusses or addresses a timely, relevant, or vital topic that we feel would be valuable, M&M will offer a blog-discussion with LinkedIn excerpts on that topic. This is not to diminish the LinkedIn group discussion but to further share and stimulate insightful thinking presented in a condensed format.

Although the LinkedIn Contract Risk Management Group is restricted to members, access seems to be easily achieved, and the value of the flow of information by knowledgeable contributors makes membership worthwhile.  Commentary is always robust; thus, I recommend reading the complete string of comments within the Discussion at LinkedIn when possible.  However, for brevity, I have selected excerpts that are “spot-on” when addressing this topic.

This recent Discussion was initiated by Chris Hawkins. Chris posed the following question: [Read more…]