Labor Productivity

Project Professionals a blog by McLaughlin & McLaughlin Project and Dispute Consulting LLC   will be offering a few project tips regarding Project Management and Labor Productivity  over the next few weeks.

Labor Productivity – Productivity Factor (PF) according to #AACEI equals Actual Productivity divided by Baseline or Planned Productivity.

Labor Productivity – Performance Factor (PF), according to Schwartzkoff equals Estimated Unit Rate divided by Actual Rate.

Labor Productivity – A simple KPI is the ratio of Planned Man-Hours divided by Actual man-hours – “Earned over Burned.”

Labor Productivity – There are several KPI’s that can be used for project/construction management.

Labor Productivity – Use of labor productivity KPI facilitates proactive project management.

Labor Productivity – As a leading Indicator, Labor Productivity represents an excellent management tool.


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