This McLaughlin & McLaughlin post is an introduction to an ongoing Subject Series regarding Construction Claims and Disputes in engineering, procurement and construction industry.


In relation to construction claims and disputes it is important for all readers, contributors, participants and others regarding the general subject of claims and disputes to be equally informed.  This discussion is directed toward engineering and construction claims and disputes.

In the engineering and construction industry, contract claims and disputes are common issues.  They occur between: owners and contractors (prime), contractors and their subcontractors, contractors and (their) vendors, and at other contractual interfaces.  Resolution of the claims and disputes can be a costly, disruptive and aggravating process for all parties.

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Productivity Calculations – Change Order / Variation Impact (Introduction – UK and related venues)

Often, productivity losses are associated with changed work or variations.  Dealing with the calculation of proper compensation for this loss can be particularly challenging.  Key industry resources or authorities may be helpful as a starting point.  Beyond the industry resources, skilled analytical work may be needed. [Read more…]